Solitude: Savoring Seclusion

“I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

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I am never really a sociable person. Back when I was a child, I would lock myself up in my room during family gatherings or I would immediately run upstairs to hide whenever visitors drop by our house. I abhorred family reunions where I was forced to play with cousins I never knew existed. I felt awkward towards hugging relatives I saw for the first time. I loathed spending an entire day for school parties I never really enjoyed. I hated meeting friends of my other friends.

I have always kept my circle small and I like it that way.

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A Pocket Full of Poetry

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and thought has found words.” – Robert Frost

Milk and Honey, written by Rupi Kaur, is an exemplary collection of poetry and prose about love, life, pain, and the beauty of femininity. The poetry collection is divided into different chapters tackling loving, losing, hurting, and healing. Each piece poetry piece is accompanied by a sketch complementing the emotions elicited from the piece itself.


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This poetry collection has shown the beauty of falling in love and the ugly in falling out of love. Moreover, it also shows the struggles of being a woman in this society which has long set the standards we are expected to meet and live by. What I love most about this wonderful collection is its attempt to encourage every woman to embrace her femininity beyond what is demanded of us by the society.

Milk and Honey, more than just a poetry collection, has been my companion at the times when I would abhor the person and the woman I have become. At the last chapter of the book is a reassurance that our wounds heal in time. After reading the whole poetry collection, I realized that we all hurt and we all will heal, although we may never be whole again, we are no longer broken pieces scattered on the floor.

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New Year, New — Meh

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Let’s be honest, you are going to write a long list of New Year’s resolutions and have nothing accomplished at the end of the year.

Probably that’s just me. I mean, I always start the year with this long, detailed list of the things I have to accomplish and the things I have to quit doing. I would right that I have to exercise at least three times a week, eat low-calorie meals, reduce rice intake, develop a study habit, keep my things organized, read at least one book every month, speak gently, and the list goes on. I even have annotations for every item which are strategies as to how I can accomplish the goal. However, before the year finally concludes, I end up not having ticked off anything in my list, at all.

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2016 Highlight 10: That 20% Spontaneous and 80% Planned Adventure

So, this buffet adventure was actually planned a week ago but it was supposed to be a lunch buffet. We were late for lunch so we decided to wait for dinner instead.

My entire semester was a mess and everything seemed to fall apart. Despite my drive to reduce weight, I did not think twice to go to a buffet restaurant. We went to Sambo Kojin. I had too much hand rolls and it was the best moment of my life.


2016 Highlight 9: Pride March

It’s the most colorful highlight of my year!

The UPLB Babaylan spearheaded the Southern Tagalog Pride March held in UPLB campus last October 20, 2016. The university and college student councils as well as student organizations joined the march to call for equal rights across all sectors.

Celebrating pride has been a call for the continuous struggle for equality and fight against gender discrimination. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community as well as advocates marched in UPLB to assert for equal rights among different genders and sexual orientations across all sectors in the society. In this light, the LGBT community, alongside advocates, forwards the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill which encompasses the protection of rights of the people despite gender, race, religion, and social status.

Moreover, the celebration of pride condemns the persisting hate-related crimes and violence as well as the perpetuating rape culture not only in the local level but also in the global scale.

The day before the Pride March, a violent dispersal of protesters took place in front of the US Embassy. The members of the national minority groups held a rally in front of the US Embassy to fight for their ancestral lands which have been occupied by US troops. However, when the peaceful rally was about to be concluded, the police violently dispersed the protesters. A police mobile was even caught on camera running over some protesters. Thus, the Pride March has also served as an avenue to express condemnation of this recent event.

The Pride March has been a significant instrument to call to fight for equality despite differing gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and status in all sectors in the society.

2016 Highlight 8: Papunta Pabalik Album Launch


Autotelic, a Manila-based pop band, launched its album called “Papunta Pabalik” in B-Side, The Collective last October 1, 2016.

For starters, Autotelic is one of the most talented local bands as showcased in their unique melodies and poetic lyrical compositions. Autotelic’s mix of electronic pop and Tagalog lyrics is a genius craft. Who would have thought that our mother tongue could sound so perfectly good with such electronic beats?

So, the album launch was jam-packed but I think Autotelic really deserves all the love from their fans and supporters. They have put up a really awesome show and got everyone dancing and singing to their music. Everyone also got the chance to grab their own physical copies of the album and have them signed by the members. They also had a press conference where the people met the members and had a photo opportunity. I think this was a really well-organized event. It started on time and ended just right on time to accommodate all the fans for the press conference. For the event, itself, it was really awesome. The crowd was wild and the performances from the other bands were fun. Most of all, Autotelic put up a really solid performance.

Speaking of the album, “Papunta Pabalik”, I would have to say that it is definitely one of my favorite albums because it encompasses all of the joys and pains of love in one disc. I was dancing and crying to their songs every single time. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Continue reading “2016 Highlight 8: Papunta Pabalik Album Launch”

2016 Highlight 7: My First College Party

It’s already my fourth year in college and I have never even been to any college party, until this day.

So, there’s this Halloween party I went to and it’s my first college party ever. You know, I love going to bar gigs but I have always been hesitant to attend parties because I feel like events like these have a really different atmosphere. Besides, I am not really a sociable person who have the guts to meet people and lose myself in the dance floor.

However, attending a college party has always been in my imaginary college bucket list. I have always been curious of how college parties go so I said I would give it a try to just see for myself.

So, I went to this Halloween party with my friends and orgmates. I had a few drinks and I also danced to the music. It was fun, overall. But I guess, I really am a gig person rather than a party person. The crowd was really wild and fun that night but I still prefer the wild and fun crowd at bar gigs. I guess, I would rather be headbanging than dancing.

What matters to me really is having crossed off an item in my bucket list and having experience, just having experience.