2016 Highlight 8: Papunta Pabalik Album Launch


Autotelic, a Manila-based pop band, launched its album called “Papunta Pabalik” in B-Side, The Collective last October 1, 2016.

For starters, Autotelic is one of the most talented local bands as showcased in their unique melodies and poetic lyrical compositions. Autotelic’s mix of electronic pop and Tagalog lyrics is a genius craft. Who would have thought that our mother tongue could sound so perfectly good with such electronic beats?

So, the album launch was jam-packed but I think Autotelic really deserves all the love from their fans and supporters. They have put up a really awesome show and got everyone dancing and singing to their music. Everyone also got the chance to grab their own physical copies of the album and have them signed by the members. They also had a press conference where the people met the members and had a photo opportunity. I think this was a really well-organized event. It started on time and ended just right on time to accommodate all the fans for the press conference. For the event, itself, it was really awesome. The crowd was wild and the performances from the other bands were fun. Most of all, Autotelic put up a really solid performance.

Speaking of the album, “Papunta Pabalik”, I would have to say that it is definitely one of my favorite albums because it encompasses all of the joys and pains of love in one disc. I was dancing and crying to their songs every single time. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

“Unstable” has always been my favorite song from the band. I don’t really know why but for some unknown reasons, this is the song that I can relate to the most. I guess, it is because I don’t interpret the love song as a love song entirely. So, “Unstable” has been released long before the album launch but I has been remastered and released again as part of “Papunta Pabalik”. I loved “Unstable” before but, honestly, I am loving it now even more. I love the fresh beats with the remastered version and I just can’t keep myself from dancing every time I play it.

I also found another favorite song and it’s entitled “Languyin”. This song has definitely the most catchy beats and melodies. But honestly, the lyrics really caught me off guard. This song talks about how a person would take the risks just to be with someone he or she loves. I mean, I don’t know if I would do that but this song makes it seem beautiful to take those risks. I have never been in love but this song just makes me feel something I don’t know. “Languyin” can make you feel like it’s worth all the risks and I think having to make the listeners feel that way is what makes a beautifully crafted song.

I would love to say more about all the other songs but this entry is really about the album launch. Besides, I cannot speak about the technical aspect since I am no expert on that one.

So, Autotelic’s “Papunta Pabalik” album launch is something I will never forget for the magic of the night filled with music and feelings.


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