2016 Highlight 7: My First College Party

It’s already my fourth year in college and I have never even been to any college party, until this day.

So, there’s this Halloween party I went to and it’s my first college party ever. You know, I love going to bar gigs but I have always been hesitant to attend parties because I feel like events like these have a really different atmosphere. Besides, I am not really a sociable person who have the guts to meet people and lose myself in the dance floor.

However, attending a college party has always been in my imaginary college bucket list. I have always been curious of how college parties go so I said I would give it a try to just see for myself.

So, I went to this Halloween party with my friends and orgmates. I had a few drinks and I also danced to the music. It was fun, overall. But I guess, I really am a gig person rather than a party person. The crowd was really wild and fun that night but I still prefer the wild and fun crowd at bar gigs. I guess, I would rather be headbanging than dancing.

What matters to me really is having crossed off an item in my bucket list and having experience, just having experience.


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