One-Day Escape: A Santa Rosa City Sem Ender

This semester has been my second worst. Things just seemed to keep getting out of hand and falling into the wrong places. Admittedly, I did not try too hard this time as compared to with the previous semesters but I did exert the very best that I can.

I know things were not going very well with my academics despite a week full of sleepless nights. It was December 8, 2016 when my semester has finally come to an end. So, the following day which is December 9, 2016, we decided to spend the entire day to eat out and watch a movie in Santa Rosa, a nearby city.

We left Los Banos at 9 am and we arrived in Santa Rosa at 10:30 am. First we had brunch at Uncle Cheffy in Nuvali. So, we had the order-all-you-can treat which costs Php 495.00 per head. For our starters, we ordered calamares and baked mussels. Their calamares is the real squid and not the processed squid some restaurants often serve. I particularly loved the based mussels because it has always been my favorite but I think their baked mussels could have used more cheese and mozzarella too. We also had their house salad, pizza, pasta, roasted chicken, and pork ribs. My favorites were the pizza and the roasted chicken. I love how the pizza has a perfect crust and its toppings have a rich flavor. The roasted chicken is also delicious and the meat is tender. For our sides, we had potato wedges sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Then, we had chocolate mousse for dessert. It was a perfect meal to compensate for all the meals I sacrificed just to get by the semester.

As planned, we got our tickets to the movies in Vista Mall’s cinema which is just across the street. We decided to watch Moana. However, it’s showing starts at 5 pm so we went back to Nuvali just to pass time. While passing time, we had coffee at Starbucks. After quite some time, we went to the Koi fish feeding area.

Time seemed so slow and swift at the same time. It was nearly 5 pm when we had notice of the time. We watched Moana. As expected, it has the usual Disney princess movie plot. Nevertheless, I think it is a good movie especially because its actual audience are young children.

It was comforting to have escaped the place that have caused you so much suffering. A day away from UPLB is a day burden-free of the pains and responsibilities of being a student. This has been such a great way to cap off my semester and I would not have it any other way. This day-off is, indeed, well-spent even if it’s just a one-day escape.


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