2016 Highlight 3: Wet Fest x MilesExperience Album Launch

This could probably one of the luckiest day of my life.

It was April 30, 2016 and I was so psyched to attend MilesExperience’s album launch. I have already planned it days before so I was really excited for this. On the same day of the album launch, I learned via Twitter that I won two tickets for Wet Fest. I was so happy until I realized that the Wet Fest is happening on the same day, only that it’s happening at an earlier time slot than that of the album launch(the Wet Fest was from 2-9pm while the album launch started at around 8pm).

I was hesitant to go to the Wet Fest because it was completely not part of the plan but I went there anyway. I wasn’t able to watch the other bands since I was a little late for the Wet Fest. But I got to catch the other acts such as Oh! Flamingo, Jensen and the Flips, Conscious and the Goodness, Farewell Fair Weather. I think Palace Pool Club is just the perfect venue for this event. The good music and the relaxing ambiance are just a perfect combination for a lazy Saturday afternoon chill.

Just before the Wet Fest finally concluded, I immediately went to the venue of MilesExperience’s album launch. I bought their album and sang along to their songs that I really fell in love with. Their album, Again & Against, is crafted by a genius. Honestly, I love everything about their music. As a non-musician, I love the lyrics, the melodies, and every technicality they have incorporated to such a masterpiece. Every song has an identity of its own that elicits a particular emotion from the listeners.

My personal favorites are Anggulo ang Faith’s Lullaby. Anggulo is like the hymn of my life. The lyrics just reflected everything that has been going on with me for my entire life. Its melody is something you will never get tired of. Actually, I could listen to Anggulo for two weeks and not get tired of it. Believe me, I have already tried and succeeded. Faith’s Lullaby is another brilliant song. I love how this is the last song in the album because it seems to cap off every roller-coaster feeling you have had while listening to the previous songs. I love the way that it is slow because somehow it gives the symbolism that at the end of the day, you always have to put yourself to rest.

Aside from MilesExperience, I was also able to sing along and dance to the music of other talented local indie bands such as BennyBunnyBand, Tanya Markova, Jensen and the Flips, SUD, and Autotelic (which I missed in the Wet Fest since I already left for the launch).

Overall, it was a fun-filled experience packed in a single adventurously spontaneous day.


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