Our Last Dance

Funny how people are surprised every time they learn that I am a Kpop fan. Although I am not really into a lot of Kpop groups right now, I have always been outspoken about my “fangirling” moments when it comes to my bias groups which are Girls’ Generation, 2ne1 (which just recently disbanded) and BIGBANG. To be honest, I am more into girl groups but BIGBANG is definitely my number 1 bias group.

On December 12, 2016, BIGBANG released the official music video for ‘Last Dance’ in their MADE album. I was filled with mixed emotions I am lost for words. For a time, I have had a break from my Kpop fangirling but, in all honesty, every single time I watch BIGBANG’s music videos or just simply listen to their music, I just can’t help but feel all the joy of being a VIP who have supported them since their humble beginnings.

However, as I watched the ‘Last Dance’ MV, I, somehow, felt a pang of pain in my chest because I feel like this is a way of them saying goodbye. It is as if ‘Last Dance’ is their last dance with the VIPs. I am not being pessimistic but this music video has reality tagging along to it and that reality seemed to have slapped me in the face really hard.

In reality, all of the members of BIGBANG would have to leave to serve in the military and it is something no one can ever stop. That is just the first part. The boys are not getting any younger, sooner or later they will decide to have a family of their own, settle down, or try a different career path. Whatever it is they will end up to be is something they deserve after 10 years of hard work. It is heartbreaking to come to realize that my favorite group may separate their paths but it is also uplifting to reminisce all the beautiful memories they have shared with us.

Briefly, let me share how much I adore these people and how much I treasure the moments they have shared with me for these past 10 years.



BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon could be one of the most unique fashion icons in Kpop but he is definitely one talented rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer. I have always been impressed with how his words turn out to be such amazing and heart-flattering songs. Plus, he is a good actor too! I will never forget the Secret Garden parody where he played the lead female character. I think GD did an amazing job here (well, he always does) as he elicit such a powerful emotion from the audience including me.



Taeyang is such an amazing singer and songwriter. He is also an extremely talented dancer. His voice is definitely soothing to the ear and his moves are to die for. How can so much talent be situated in just one person? Honestly, my favorite Taeyang is the broken Taeyang who sang and danced to ‘Wedding Dress‘. He was so natural in that one.



Can anyone have a more powerful vocals than Daesung? This rainbow-eyed has definitely the best singing voice I have ever heard in my entire life. His voice is just wholly powerful and soothing. But Daesung is not just a beautiful voice, I think he has a wonderful personality equipped with optimism and wit. Just like GD, he also did two amazing roles in BIGBANG’s Secret Garden Parody. He even did a much better performance in their Boys Over Flowers parody. It’s a must watch!



Okay, first of all, why does TOP get to have a lot of close up shots in this music video? Didn’t they realize how his gaze can easily melt anyone? TOP is definitely a talented rapper. His voice is unique and edgy. He has this style that is his own. TOP never seemed to try too hard, everything is just so natural about him. By the way, he is also a talented actor which has already been showcased in most of their music videos as well as in his films. TOP is really my favorite in their Secret Garden parody.



At this moment, I know I haven’t mentioned anything about who my bias is. I know, it is because the maknae is my bias. I don’t know why people seldom fangirl over Seungri as much as they fangirl over the other members. Personally, I think Seungri has a beautiful voice, an amazing dancing skill, and a good interpersonal communication prowess. He is talented in all aspects and he is unimaginably smart, funny, and clever when he speaks. This panda just won my heart over and over again. He did a great job with his solos but I think he did a greater job exposing the secrets of his hyungs. My favorite Seungri moment is his Taxi show guesting. It never fails to make me laugh.


Basically, this is an appreciation post for the five boys who have worked so hard to put the best show and give the best songs to their fans. They have been my favorite on stage, in music videos, during interviews, and in drama parodies. BIGBANG is a legend and the VIPs worldwide love them.


It has been a wonderful 10 years. I never thought how time can fly too fast until I realized that it has already been 10 years when it feels just like yesterday. You, guys, have done a lot of heard work to be where you are today. You deserve to be happy in any possible way you want to be. We, VIPs, will always be right behind you to support you no matter what.

If this is our last dance, we wouldn’t want it to end. If this is our last dance, we’ll keep dancing with you until the very end.


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