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This is the safe haven of a fine feline who has the most ordinary adventures and mischief. This is a feline life filled with early daylight stroll at the beach and late night shenanigans at bar gigs as well as random, mindless rumblings. Have an awesome glimpse through your feline eyes of my feline life. xx

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The blogger is a fine feline based in Laguna, Philippines. Her interests involve art, music, history, philosophy, sociology, language, literature, politics, and environmental science.

Expect that this blog will be filled with entries related to art, music, food, books, and beaches. There may also be random, intellectual rumblings about culture, education, government, and life, in general. So, this blog will definitely have the most random stuff from indie music gigs to street food trips to seaside shenanigans to mindless book reviews to philosophical thoughts. Everything is basically the blogger thinking out loud.

Thanks for dropping by.

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